If you’re going to do something that hurts, someone should benefit from it.

The concept of this blog is to chronicle my efforts to complete The Last Annual Vol-State in 2016.  Through training, fundraising and the event itself; I hope to bring you along on this journey.  I also aspire to teach myself how others can benefit from my efforts, especially those that may never know the joy and discomfort running has and will continue to bring me.

My real name is Justin Koehle; my moniker, Elmo Snively, is a self adopted nickname I used to avoid personal invasion of social media, it has since stuck.  I work in customer service, and have been running since 2011.  Just nine months after my first 5k I would go on to run my first marathon, less than a year later my first 50 miler, and my first 100 miler one year later.  I’ve learned, through my own efforts, but more so through witnessing others completing their goals, that nothing is impossible if you decide so.


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